Hermalinda & Belisario

Hermelinda is 9 years old. She is more advanced than her two sisters who were in 1st grade with her as she had attended preschool before her parents passed. Her favorite game is house, which she plays with all the younger kids. She is sweet and shy.  She worries about her little brother, Belisario and makes sure no one does him any injustice.

Belisario, 7 years old, is learning how to speak English quickly. He loves to do his school work and goes to school with the bigger kids. He also enjoys participating in the theatre classes and playing chess with his brothers.  His sister is Hermelinda.

The Kids!

  • Hermalinda & Belisario
  • Exwar & Michael
  • John & Leonides
  • Jorge, Songo & Illary
  • Jorge & Roberto
  • Lily Rose
  • Luz Marina
  • Marco & Soraida
  • Mia Flor & Guadalupe
  • Melina & Yermo
  • Raysiel
  • Rosa
  • Sergio
  • Seth & Dylan
  • Urpi
  • And still growing!

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