• Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie for having faith in us and helping us create and start this project
  • Clothing Designer Ted Baker
  • The Ben Taylor Band
  • Oasis Preserve International and Tracy Harshman for their assistance.
  • Alice Burns of Organized Momentum (OM) for donating their time and energy and support.
  • Nikki and Brad of Tierra de Milagros for their never-ending love and support.
  • Melissa Odegaard for her many hours of work creating and maintaining our website.
  • Bohse Onkels of Germany
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Mitchell Perry
  • Betty Brachman
  • Curtis Martin of the New York Jets
  • All of our family members and so so many of you, you know who you are who offered your time and support, financial emotional and spiritual.
    God Bless you all,
    Kia, Allen, Marie, Seth, Dylan and Lily Rose
    The whole Casa de Milagros Family
  • High Vibe: Health and Healing
    R.A. Dager, owner of High Vibe Health and Healing,located in New York City, has helped thousands to achieve health, vibrancy, freedom from disease, and an ability to listen to their bodies. Additionally, he has inaugurated our Corporate Giving program by donating a percentage of his sales to Casa de Milagros.

    Center of the Sun
    Aluna Joy, proprietor of Center of the Sun, is a long time friend of Casa de Milagros. The Center of the SUN joyfully offers...  Mayan-Incan Spiritual Pilgrimages, Star Elder Sessions, Mayan Astrology, Sacred Site Essences, Sacred Site Photography, and more.

    ohse Onkelz
    Bohse Onkelz, German rock band and friends to Casa de Milagros, have donated the proceeds from the sale of one of their popular t-shirts to Casa de Milagros.

    World Class Travel
    World Class Travel has been in business since 1983 and has been specializing in travel to Peru since 2001. Bob Todd, owner of World Class Travel, has been to Peru many times and donates a percentage of his profits to Casa de Milagros.

    The Kids!

  • Hermalinda & Belisario
  • Exwar & Michael
  • John & Leonides
  • Jorge, Songo & Illary
  • Jorge & Roberto
  • Lily Rose
  • Luz Marina
  • Marco & Soraida
  • Mia Flor & Guadalupe
  • Melina & Yermo
  • Raysiel
  • Rosa
  • Sergio
  • Seth & Dylan
  • Urpi
  • And still growing!

  • more photos of
    Casa de Milagros

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