Jorge, Songo & Illary

Jorge, age 4, is quiet and sweet. He didn't speak any spanish when he arrived. He only spoke his native tongue, quechua.

Illary just turned 11. She is strong-willed and quiet. She excels in school and likes to dress up.  Her and Guadelupe are inseperable.

Sonqotaki’s name means “heartsong” in quechua.. His mother died while giving birth to him one year ago. He came to the Casa when he was just 2 days old. He is our baby and is learning to speak and how to name the features of his face. He looks like a little elf and the three of them together are very sweet.  His brother, Jorge, and sister, Illary, just joined our family recently.

The Kids!

  • Hermalinda & Belisario
  • Exwar & Michael
  • John & Leonides
  • Jorge, Songo & Illary
  • Jorge & Roberto
  • Lily Rose
  • Luz Marina
  • Marco & Soraida
  • Mia Flor & Guadalupe
  • Melina & Yermo
  • Raysiel
  • Rosa
  • Sergio
  • Seth & Dylan
  • Urpi
  • And still growing!

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    Casa de Milagros

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