Marco & Soraida

At 5 years old, Marco is small, but strong. He is learning Spanish quickly and sticks to his older sister, Soraida. Like glue.

Soraida (7) is very soft spoken and sweet.  She is going to school for the first time and doing very well. Her and her brother,Marco, came from a mountain village. They were brought to us by their 18 year old brother, who had been caring for them since their mother died giving birth to a sister three years ago. Their brother couldn't find work and couldn't support them any longer. Their transition into our home was the most difficult we have seen in any of our children. They cried for days and kept trying to leave. The other children kept asking "Ma Ma Kia, why are they crying?" It was just hard for the other children to imagine why they were so sad. All the kids have helped them to adjust and have shown them lots of love. The sadness and confusion only lasted a few days and now they are laughing, feeling comfortable and having fun.

The Kids!

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  • And still growing!

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